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Fraud Investigation & Examination

When allegations of fraud surface, DFI responds with a fraud action plan that insures the allegations are investigated and either proven or disproven. 

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners uses the term Occupational Fraud and Abuse to encompass asset misappropriation (embezzlement), financial statement fraud and corruption.  DFI has extensive experience in investigating allegations in these three categories since 1976.  

When entities suspect fraud, DFI assists clients by performing a fraud examination.  A fraud examination is a broader scope than an investigation and involves fraud prevention, detection and investigation. 

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Fraud Auditing

A forensic audit is a proactive means of identifying fraud and its various risk factors. A forensic audit is not a financial statement audit.  A forensic audit is not an investigation.  A forensic audit increases the likelihood that fraud indicators will be found in the clients books, records and other information by using forensic thinking, forensic procedures and the use of technology. 

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Fraud Risk Management

The “Fraud Check-Up” is a DFI service designed to identify fraud and fraud related issues in organizations. 

In addition, DFI assists clients by assessing their internal control environment and determining weaknesses, if any.  If there are weaknesses in the internal control environment DFI will present a remediation plan for consideration.

Ron has developed fraud compliance and ethics programs for entities as well as recommended remedial actions in internal investigations.  

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Fraud Training

Ron and former DFI employees have been teaching fraud and fraud related topics in many different venues since 1990.  Ron has taught at the FBI Academy, ACFE conferences, the California Society of CPAs, and at several universities.  Most recently Ron was an adjunct professor at UNR where he taught a graduate level course entitled “Forensic Auditing and Fraud Examination”.  DFI can design training programs for any organization on almost any fraud or fraud related topic.